Plant. Protect. Prevent.

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Plant. Protect. Prevent!

Plant. Protect. Prevent! - Plant.  Protect.  Prevent.

Child Advocacy Services is proud to continue our mission to give Voice, Healing, and Security to children by spreading awareness surrounding Child Abuse Prevention Month in April! Spring is a new time for growth and bright futures for children. One initiative that has received incredible community support year after year is the blue pinwheel, the national symbol for child abuse prevention. More importantly, the community becomes engaged and empowered in being personally invested in this critical issue.

Join in our mission by investing in services for children & planting a pinwheel garden! Click on the pinwheel below to reserve your pinwheel garden today!

Pinwheel gardens will be distributed during the last week of March.

Plant.  Protect.  Prevent.

By displaying pinwheels you are helping create awareness about prevention and a dialogue around this important issue. Your Donation Makes An Impact! Thank You!

Plant.  Protect.  Prevent.

Organizations and individuals can get involved in a variety of ways:


  • Voice: Make a $50 donation and receive 10 pinwheels to plant at your home or business. Kit includes garden sign, collateral, and a BAG with a Purpose. We encourage you to post a photo to social media using #Plant.Protect.Prevent! and tag us!
  • Healing: Offered to companies or groups interested in taking action to prevent child abuse. Plant a pinwheel garden at your business or public location. Kit includes 25 pinwheels (or additional as requested), signage, collateral, and a BAG with a Purpose. Gardens for Healing are offered in recognition of a minimum donation of $200. CAS will send our own staff to help you plant your garden, capture a photo, and promote on social media!
  • Security: Offered to companies interested in taking action to prevent child abuse by displaying a larger pinwheel garden. Kit includes 100 pinwheels, signage, collateral, and a BAG with a Purpose. Gardens for Security are offered in recognition of a minimum donation of $750. This is an excellent opportunity to invite community leaders to join in planting pinwheels at your business! Along with a CAS team coming to help plant your pinwheels, we will include recognition of your company or organization as a major partner of Child Abuse Prevention in promotion on social media, CAS Newsletter, etc.
  • Partner: Have a retail business: Be an outlet where others can make a donation and obtain pinwheels. We will refer community members directly to your business.


  • Displaying pinwheels in the community helps create awareness and a dialogue around this important issue. Your ACTION improves the protection and safety of children in our community.


  • Learn more. Get trained in the 5 Steps for Protecting Children. Share and talk to others. Recognize the signs and react responsibly. Volunteer to become a CASA. Your donation makes and impact
Plant.  Protect.  Prevent.

Call Seth Bleakley at 985-902-9583 or email to receive information about how to get your Pinwheel Garden!

Download Our Pinwheel Activities Here

Here is a Child Abuse Prevention Month activity for everyone! Download our pinwheel craft and coloring sheet and share your finished creation on social media! Use #GIVEAVOICE and tag @ChildAdvocacyServicesCASAandCAC so we can see your pinwheels!

Pinwheel Coloring Sheet
Pinwheel Craft

Plant.  Protect.  Prevent.